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Advanced Java PrintSOE (for AGS-Java and

with simple Flex widget as client

Download latest code from my BitBucket page:

Please find here my first version of an advanced print solution.

Documentationinstallation quickstart

The backend is developed in Java as a ServerObjectExtension: PChPrintSOE
The SOE is running on an AGS-Java and on (see forum1  or  forum2)

The communication to the SOE is realized by the REST.
So, any client can be used Flex, Javascript, ...

I just created a simple FlexWidget as client for basic demonstration.

Some features:

  • full print over the rest api (usable by any client)
  • export to pdf,jpeg,png,emf and ArcMAP mxd!
  • view paper layout extent live on map 
  • make print on a "template" mapservice by keeping the predefined layout
  • multi-mapservices/multi-server support
    • create single pdf:
      • from multiple mapservices running on different servers
      • combining WMS mapservices with AGS mapservices
  • add graphics on the map view positioned in map units
    • points, lines, polygons, text
  • add elements on the layout view positioned in paper units like
    • textelement
    • scalebar
    • scaletext
    • legend
    • north arrow

The code is under full development.

Any suggestions, remarques or development help is welcome.

Live demo with external Esri mapservices (last print button):
        FlexViewer-configfile: config.xml
        Widget-configfile: PchPrintWidget.xml
   - use this print widget with your PChPrintSOE-enabled mapservices for high quality
   - draw first some graphics with the DrawWidget prior making your print (in mxd format)


  • see the BitBucket page for further changes:
  • 30/05/2011:
    • new flex code
    • new java code
    • Bing Maps support
    • better IE-proxy support
    • layout elements fully customizable in widget config file
  • 10/05/2011:
    • full inch/feet + cm/meter support
  • 07/04/2011:
    • support for adding Pictures in the layout view
    • support for adding TextElements in the layout view
    • exporting to ArcMAP PackageLayer (beta; format=mpk)
    • exporting to (Geo-)TIFFs (format=tif / format=tifw)
    • code reorganization
  • 31/03/2011:
    • legend exclude layers bugfix
  • 22/03/2011:
    • new flex code 
    • new java code
  • 08/03/2011: 
    • bugfix in SimpleFillSymbol (case insensitive type)
  • 08/03/2011:
    • legend support demo
  • 03/03/2011:
    • automatic legend layout + bugfixes
    • moving to Esri JSON classes
    • bugfixes
  • 01/03/2011:
    • legend+northarrow, java code cleanup/refactoring
    • fixed mapscale bug
  • 20/02/2011: bugfixes + full mxd support