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Combine ICEfaces with ESRI ArcGIS WebADF

Based on J2EE technology with JSF tags, facelets, ICEfaces
and the ESRI WebADF for ArcGIS Server Java 9.2 and 9.3

OpenSource ICEfaces-ESRI WebADF integration


Just a few examples of the ICEwebADF power:

Full Demo WebADF application

SourceForge project:


  • 12/07/2008: ArcMAP like IdentifyTask
  • 10/07/2008: ICEfaces 1.7.1 support
  • 05/07/2008: WebQuery support with right-mouse actions (zoomTo, highlight,...)
  • 20/06/2008: working on a ArcMAP like Identify (with FirstLayer, VisibleLayers and SelectedLayer)
  • 10/06/2008: MultiLayer cache support !!!
  • 08/06/2008: complete code review to be compatible with 9.2 and 9.3 WebADF-JARs
  • 05/06/2008: TableOfContents bugfix solved for GroupedLayers
  • 04/06/2008:
    • First move to as OpenSource project
    • WebResults now supports Identify QueryResults
  • 03/06/2008: fixes in TOC + login
  • 02/06/2008: added support for setImmediate(true) on TaskParams (submit on selection). Check "FondsDePlan task" (background selector)
  • 30/05/2008:
    • TileFunctionality support for LFUSED-AGSMapService-Cache !!
    • First version of WebResults support. Try measuretask
    • dynamicTOC demo. Right-mouse click on "ReseauRoutierLayer".
  • 20/05/2008: Dynamic legend in TOC (only UniqueItems of UniqueValueRenderer are showed available in current map extent)
  • 15/05/2006: MapInformation93 with dynamic Legend-Items visualization
  • 07/05/2008: GeocodeTask using GeoGoogle - Google Geocoder Java 1.4.3 Api
  • 06/05/2008: complete new TOCcontrol (fully based on Esri-WebToc) to support legend images
  • 04/05/2008: fully working PrintTask with templates
  • 28/04/2008: PrintTask with PDF export
  • 24/04/2008: started Esri-ICEfaces custom JSF component build (generates customJSF-component-jar)
  • 22/04/2008: Fully new rendering-code now running under IE6, IE7 + Firefox
  • 21/04/2008: Upgrade to Esri ArcGISServer 9.3 beta libs
  • 20/04/2008: Upgrade to ICEFaces 1.7.0
  • 29/02/2008: Participation for the ArcGIS Server Code Challenge 2008
  • 28/02/2008: Export your Layer-Geometries into an Autocad File (WebQuery limitation actually 500)
  • 22/02/2008: Export your AttributeTable into an Excel File (WebQuery limitation actually 500)
  • 19/02/2008: View AttributeTable for each layer (for actual zoomExtent)
  • 18/02/2008: building basic framework for CRUD operation on ArcSDE data
  • 16/02/2008: extending Esri-TaskLayout by own components (LabelDescripor)
  • 15/02/2008: support for TabularLayout int the TaskInfo
  • 12/02/2008: resizeMapTask
  • 12/02/2008: Context-Tag supported, command-tag supports images
  • 11/02/2008: added extended TabularLayout support for Task-tag
  • 09/02/2008: measureTask
  • 07/02/2008: support for the Task-framework !!! (ouff)
  • 31/01/2008: now fully working in Firefox and InternetExplorer
  • 30/01/2008: clear integration of "pchtool" and "pch:command" in the "pch:agsMenuItem"
  • 27/01/2008: first version of "pch:agsMenuItem" for adding "pch:tool" and "pch:command" in a menu / contextmenu
  • 23/01/2008: send "MapLink" with "WebExtent" and "Toc" by email
  • 23/01/2008: Toc now contains hierarchy (group-layers)
  • 20/01/2008: custom Command-Tag v1 added
  • 17/01/2008: Tool-Tag v1.02 complete new JS-code extended by Esri-JS (no Velocity used). Supports all ClientActions
  • 16/01/2008: Tool-Tag v1.01 (Javascript code generated by Apache Velocity (
  • 14/01/2008: custom Tool-Tag v1 added
  • 11/01/2008: chat added
  • 10/01/2008: custom Map-Tag v1 added (no furter need of the IFRAME)
  • ...../2007: workaround with IFRAME and Javascript

Libraries used:

Build powerful webapplications with powerful libraries

What is the goal to archieve?

  • No Javascript hassle, as Java developer, I only want to use Java code for writing JavaWebApplications
  • Integrating rich jsf components, Icefaces provides out-of-the-box rich JSF-Ajax-Enabled-components like the Tree, Table, Tabset, ...
  • Asynchronous server-initated rendering, we get asynchronous results of time-consuming query like "Identify over all Layers"

What are the actual problems?

  • Icefaces and Esri JSF mix, both libraries use different Ajax approaches which are not directly compatible

What is the solution?

  • I write a new Map-Jsf-Tag and a new Tool-Jsf-Tag (compatible with "esri:map" / "esri:tool") which uses the Icefaces D2D technology

How can you help?

  • Give me your own feedback, of your similary ideas/developments that you already have done
  • Build a Java community, regroup our power in a "Java Esri community"
  • If you are interested about this integration, talk to your Esri reseller about Icefaces

For any remarks or questions, please contact me: